Bob Bednarz

Bob, a Chicago native, began dancing in 2004 and became a swing and blues DJ shortly after. He has become an integral part of Chicago’s thriving blues scene since moving back to the city in 2008. Bob is most focused on perfecting basic fundamentals that have a strong impact on your dancing. He has always had a passion for music and helping students add musicality to their dancing. Currently, Bob teaches regular lessons and workshops with Big City Blues and Big City Swing. You will see him out dancing and DJ’ing at all the major dance venues in Chicago including Swing Dancing at Fizz, Big City Swing, 50Fifty, and Bluetopia. You may also see him as a guest DJ at venues throughout the midwest. Nicknamed “DJ Thor,” Bob has become one of Chicago’s most sought after dance DJ’s because he always “brings the thunder.”

Chicago Blues

“The blues are the roots. Everything else is the fruits” – Willie Dixon When you ask anyone if they’ve ever heard blues music, they instantly think about Chicago electric blues. They think […]